Physiotherapy in Toronto. Types of therapy

UHF-Therapy The method of electrotherapy based on the impact on the patient’s body mainly ultra-high-frequency electromagnetic field (UHF). Physical action e. p. UHF consists in active absorption of field energy by tissues and its transformation into thermal energy, as well as in the development of oscillatory effect, typical for high-frequency electromagnetic oscillations. The main heat generation takes place in tissues that do not conduct electrical current well (nerve, bone, etc.). E.p. UHF has an anti-inflammatory effect by improving blood and lymph circulation, tissue dehydration and reduction of exudation, activates the functions of connective tissue, stimulates the processes of cell proliferation, which makes it possible to limit the inflammatory focus of the dense connective capsule.

Physiotherapy in Toronto
Physiotherapist doing leg therapy to a man using foam roll in clinic

Magnetotherapy A new direction in physiotherapy based on the action of an alternating low frequency magnetic field on the whole body or part of it. Computer support of the apparatuses allows for continuous monitoring and compilation of an individual program for each patient.

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Magnetic therapy has analgesic, antispasmodic effect, reduces blood pressure, activates the processes of repair and regeneration, has a powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-edema effect, By normalizing the tone of blood and lymphatic vessels and rheological properties of the blood improves microcirculation and peripheral blood flow and lymph flow, activates the sympato-adrenal and hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal systems, improves the work of the autonomic nervous system and endocrine system, restores immunity. The overall effect of magnetotherapy is manifested by improving the psychophysical and emotional state, the normalization of sleep.

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