Santa Barbara Landscape Maintenance

Winter can be tough on your lawn, shrubs and trees. Some common winter problems include:

  • Salt damage – Melting snow and ice can spread road salt onto plants, which saps them of their moisture and damages root systems.
  • Leaf scorch – Also known as “reflective damage,” leaf scorch is what happens when plants are exposed to the harsh reflective glare of sunlight off of snow, causing exposed leaves or needles to burn.
  • Wind desiccation – This is what happens when shrubs and trees are exposed to dry, cold wind, which draws moisture from their stems and leaves, causing cell damage and leaving behind brownish discolorations.

Santa Barbara Landscape Maintenance management company can help you assess the damage winter has done to your lawn/property, and work with you on ways to remedy the problems.

Santa Barbara Landscape Maintenance

Maintaining a beautiful and healthy garden and lawn can be a challenging part of home management. Keeping up with your landscaping is a tall order especially when you have many personal and professional responsibilities to juggle.

Professional landscaping contractors are valuable support in this arena. Depending on your needs, you may discuss a maintenance contract customized for your property. If you’re wondering if such a setup is worth it, understanding what it takes to manage your landscape can help inform your decision.

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