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Summer Lawn Feeding Features
The main purpose of summer lawn fertilisers is to maintain active growth, give the grass a healthy look and rich colour, and increase its drought tolerance.
That’s why in summer your green carpet needs a shock dose of nitrogen and potassium fertiliser and only a small amount of phosphorous.

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When and how to apply fertilizer to the lawn?
All lawn fertilisation is done after mowing. If the fertiliser is liquid and soluble well, it can be diluted with little water and applied directly to the watering system.
Dry fertilisation is done on a different principle. Water the lawn first, then wait until the leaves have dried up. Only then can you fertilise the lawn. At the end, the lawn is watered again.

Rules for summer lawn irrigation
For a lush green colour and a fresh lawn appearance to please the eye, the grass needs regular abundant watering. However, there are some important nuances to consider.

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