Santa Barbara Landscape Design Tips

If you build an already baked cottage or yard, apply everything that already exists as accurately as possible. To do this, you will have to crawl around the site with a tape measure: Pre-draw a plan of the site and record the measured distances on it. Then you have to correct the plan based on the measurements. Get the plan that you have. We have to work on it.

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Try to draw the changes you have planned right away, because you have something in mind. If you like the result, you can implement it. If not, first change the form, or think of where you can move the plan to make it look better. This is why it is more convenient to work with programs: you see what you need to change and how these changes affect the design of the area.

There’s only one thing. Not everything that looks good on the screen also looks good in life. And sometimes the other way around – it doesn’t look “good” to the plan, but what’s being implemented is simply mesmerizing. In any case, you’ll have to make more adjustments.

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