Physiotherapy services in Toronto

Why do you need physiotherapy when you have modern medicines?

Preventive. Physiotherapy can be used as prevention and to prevent disease. Therefore, treatment with medication may simply not be necessary. In this case, the physical methods recommended by the doctor restore the function of all internal organs and body systems. The body, in turn, starts the self-regulation process and copes with the problem on its own.

Physiotherapy services in Toronto

Rehabilitation. As for the rehabilitation period, which usually follows after serious surgical interventions, physiotherapy is absolutely indispensable here. Thanks to modern methods and the right choice of procedures it will complete the treatment qualitatively.

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Facilitation of medicament treatment. Surprisingly, the use of physiotherapy can reduce the number of drugs used for treatment. All medications are chemistry. And exposure to chemistry is certainly not good for the body. Today it is possible, having given the patient a shot, and having put on a certain scheme of electrodes of the physiotherapeutic apparatus, to collect all injected drug in one place, on which it should influence. Thus, it is possible to reduce the harmful effects of the chemical drug on the entire body and direct it only to the sick organ, ie, localize the treatment. This is especially important for those patients who have serious contraindications to the use of certain drugs.

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