Landscape Maintenance Santa Barbara

Landscape Maintenance Santa Barbara workers work outdoors in all kinds of weather. The work can be repetitive and physically demanding, requiring frequent bending, lifting, and shovelling. Full-time workers experience a rate of injury and illness that is much higher than the national average. Workers who use chemicals, such as pesticides or fertilizers, or dangerous equipment, including lawnmowers and chain saws, must take precautions. Workers who use motorized equipment must protect their hearing.

Landscape Maintenance Santa Barbara

In a matter of days, it often feels like the weather around here goes from “where’s the fall relief” to “is it springtime yet?” If you have ever had these thoughts, you’re not alone. Along with you and the team here at Plant, your lawn and plants have the same feelings, too. To help alleviate some of those winter woes, we’re rounding up easy ways to preventatively care for all of your outdoors greens this year.

In Part 1 of our post on Fall Lawn and Landscape Maintenance, we’re talking all things trees and shrubs. Check out these simple ways to keep your trees and shrubs happy and healthy all season long.

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