Same Day Delivery

E-commerce has changed the game of how parcels are transported and delivered to customers. With the help of advanced technology, the days have become shorter. We no longer have to wait for the sun to rise and set a few times before we receive that box of meat pie that’s probably not safe to eat anymore. What once felt as if a pack mule was used to deliver a package, now seems like a teleportation device is involved in the delivery.

This massive improvement has set high standards in the logistics and supply chain industry, with consumers now expecting a fast delivery service from businesses so they can patronise their products. With both next day and same day delivery service currently available, customers are left happy and satisfied with their entire buying experience.

Same Day Delivery

Same-day shipping means you got it to the post office (or other shipper), within working hours on the same CALENDER day as the order was paid. Example: if they paid Wednesday and you got it to the shipper before the shipper closed on Wednesday, that’s same-day shipping.

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