Chiropractic services in Toronto

Types of manual therapy

The chiropractors from our clinic use classical + soft treatment methods. The doctor will offer several methods for the treatment of the spine, joints and organs:
Myofascial – a specialist works with skin, fatty tissue, ligaments, muscles. This technique reduces pain, improves body symmetry, and simulates posture.
Arthro-vertebral manual therapy is directed to the work of the spinal and motor segment, with herniated intervertebral discs, improving the functions of the joints. Reduces muscle spasms, restrictions on movement in the joint, compression of the nerve roots.
Cranial – affects the bones of the skull. Work in the cranial direction is to treat the head, jaw, lor-organ, reduce dizziness, headaches, restores blood circulation, leads to normal intracranial pressure.
Visceral – involves the impact on the abdomen and internal organs, is used in the prolapse of organs, adhesions, neurological syndromes.

Chiropractic services in Toronto

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