San Francisco weed

The San Francisco weed industry is just booming right now with thousands of different entrepreneurs sticking their hands into the pot (literally!). While you typically could just find a few different basic products like pot brownies and marijuana joints, the variety of products has just spiraled into hundreds of different types. So, here are some of the best-selling product types that are trendy right now so when you walk into a store you can be a bit more informed about some that you’d like to try out. 

  • Gummies: In 2018 the cannabis gummies industry reached sales of over $1 billion and are just growing exponentially every year. These little gummies are a perfect little first timer product as they taste good and don’t have the negative stigma that smoking does. One piece of advice is to take it slow. Gummies taste good and are easy to quickly reach that “too high” point!
  • Vapes: Just like smoking tobacco, millions have shifted away from smoking rolled leaves and instead are leaning towards vaping as it’s cleaner alternative. Vapes come in many different forms and come in a multitude of flavors and intensity levels.
  • CBD Oils/Tinctures: On every street corner now, you seem to be able to find a store selling different kinds of CBD oils and tinctures which can be added to almost any food or drink or can be taken on their own by swallowing them. The other great part is that CBD from hemp is legal on the federal level so you can still purchase these anywhere and use them all across the country.
San Francisco weed

We are proudly welcomes San Francisco medical marijuana patients (18+) and adult-use (recreational) cannabis customers 21+.

Our dispensary has a patient (and now recreational user) first perspective. Each individual patient or recreational customer that comes in is treated as an individual. We tailor the experience to you and your needs. We strive to make your trip to Elevated San Francisco enjoyable whether you are a cannabis pro or are walking into a dispensary for the time. You won’t be rushed, but can be in and out quickly if you are in a rush. We provide safe access in a comfortable and friendly environment.

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