Jupiter jack strain

Smoking marijuana Jupiter jack strain has always been associated with a feeling of being spaced-out. Although, in reality, that is not always the case. However, if weed has to have any connection whatsoever with being spacey, then naming them after the different planets in the universe is only reasonable.

It must be the universe and the cannabis world conspiring, but this Jupiter OG strain has some uncanny similarities with the giant planet. The size, the impact, the power… name it, and this strain has it. Read on and get a closer look at this heavenly body that is practically Jupiter’s weed alternate.

Jupiter OG is among the celestial strains of OG Kush phenotypes. It is a relatively new strain that was bred in the 1990’s. As anyone can tell, this strain is named after the largest planet and to mention one that embodies power, Jupiter. Now, it must be easier for anyone to understand why this strain is named as such.

Jupiter jack strain

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